Perkins industrial diesel engine 403D-11

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Rated Power
Maximum Power 18.1 kW/24.3 HP
Maximum Torque 64.6 Nm @ 2100 rpm/47.6 lb-ft @ 2100 rpm
Rated Power 2800-3000 rpm
Minimum Power 12.2 kW/20.2 HP
Emission Standard
Emission Standard EPA Tier 4 Interim
General information
Number of cylinders Inline 3 cylinder
Circulation 4-stroke
Bore 77 mm
Stroke 81 mm
Displacement 1.1 L
Compression Ratio 22.7:1
Aspiration Natural aspiration
combustion system Indirect injection
Rotation Anticlockwise facing flywheel
cooling system liquid
Length 777 mm
Width 438 mm
Height 729 mm
Weight 129 kg

The Perkins 400 series engine models are available in a wide range of displacements from 0.5-2.2 liters. The 3-cylinder Model 403-11 is one of Perkins’ smallest generators, combining great performance with low operating costs and an extremely compact form factor. From a form factor package perspective, the 403-11 engine is well suited for small industrial applications. It comes with a simple and robust mechanical fuel system that is easy to install and maintain.

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The 400 Series offers competitively strong performance and excellent fuel economy. Manufactured with the right technology, these engines are reliable and durable, have a low cost of ownership, and are suitable for multiple markets.
The 400 Series has a wide power range that allows you to configure your solution to your specific machine, regional and market needs.
Powerbands overlap between models, and options are available to help optimize performance and functionality, as well as increase the value of the customer’s machine in the application.
We offer a one-year standard warranty on fixed speed engines and a two-year standard warranty on variable speed engines.
As an end user of the 400 Series, you also benefit from Perkins, the full range of power solutions provider, world-class product support and repair coverage programs.

These engines feature a compact design for a variety of applications including skid steers, mini excavators, wheel loaders, welders, lift platforms, light towers, small tractors, air compressors, lawn care machinery and material handling mechanical.
The six core engines in the 400 Series are configured to meet Stage IIIA/Tier 4 Interim or Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Final emissions standards, giving you the flexibility to choose based on the market.

The 00 series gives you a seamless power range of 8.2-50 kW (11-67 hp), including 2-, 3- and 4-cylinder models, designed with a serialized interface look. Available in a variety of ratings and configurations, the series can be customized to meet the most stringent requirements.
Through the selective use of indirect and direct injection fuel systems, Perkins is able to provide world-class engines with the benefits of improved performance and low noise.